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Cruisin’ Canines Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday!!! Favorite Movies:  Do you know what the Best Dog Movies of all Time are?  Homeward Bound:  The Incredible Journey is #1!!  Check out the list and plan your next rainy day with your pooch! Favorite Treat:  Cinnamon Bun Bites.  If you end up making them, we won’t judge you if you try one 🙂 Favorite Article:  Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Dog.  So many benefits!  It can work as a insect repellent, help with pet stains and odor, alleviate skin and coat irritations and muscle sprains to name a few. Favorite Video:  Mosley the Boxer tries on his new shoes.  If you have ever attempted to put boots on your dog before I am sure you know what to expect. Have a great weekend from your Favorite Chicago Dog Walker!!

Cruisin’ Canines July Dog of the Month is…

Cruisin Canines July Dog of the Month - Boomer

Boomer!! Breed:  Mixed – maybe Border Collie/Shepherd – though we’re not entirely sure 🙂 Age:  about 4.5 years Where I live:  Just moved to River West a few months ago Joys in Life:  Food, treats (particularly Breathies strips, peanut butter, bananas, and carrots!), long “family” walks, napping in the bathroom shower, getting attention from people on my walks, and licking feet!   Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker:  Carly Chicago Dog Walking Buddies:  Primarily Clancy but enjoy walking with any dog!  I Miss my girl Lila Rose!!!

What to Watch for When Dog Walking in Chicago

Dogs and their owners living in the city: be extra careful when it comes to certain outdoor safety hazards. Weather: If you’re from the Midwest, you’re probably used to heavy snowfall and drifts.  Some large dogs have been bred to handle snow, but many small dogs are unable to take long walks in snow—they can get cold and their tender paws can get sore.  Plus, it’s not only cold weather that affects dogs. Very hot, sunny weather can be a cause of dogs’ dehydration if out too long.  Be sure that when you or your Chicago dog walkers are out with your dog, water fountains or water dishes are available to your dog on a hot day.  Be aware of the weather forecast, and don’t take your dog out for too long on warm days. Several types of dogs easily can get overheated. Other dogs: Your pet may play well with dogs, but there are instances when larger, or more aggressive dogs can be dangerous.  If you feel it may be a problem when you and your dog are taking a walk, keep him or her on a leash and be ready to snag them away from a situation if something transpires on your walk.  Not all dogs like to run around and play with other pups, so a dog walker in Chicago should be aware of neighborhood dogs. Traffic: When on the streets, always have your dog on a leash, and know the risk you’re taking when you let your pet run without a leash.  While this is a great way to give your dog more freedom to run and get much needed exercise, owners and local dog walkers should be aware of street traffic.  Dogs can easily run beyond park gates and wander into busy streets.  Anytime there is traffic, there is a chance your dog could be hurt. Sharp objects: Be sure you’re walking your dog on a sidewalk or in a park that is clean and free of trash.  City streets may contain glass, sharp objects and dangerous trash. If dogs step on something that gets into the pads of their paws, it could mean a trip to the veterinarian to remove the object and care for the wound.  Keep you and your dog safe by avoiding these types of areas and surfaces. As a dog walker in Chicago, being aware of these hazards while taking your pup out for a stroll will help keep you and your dog safe and happy.

Best Chicago dog walking Locations

Being a pet owner in the city can be difficult when it comes to finding a place to walk your dog.  With all the city streets, skyscrapers and traffic, it can be a struggle to find a calm, grassy area for you and your pup to stroll.  Luckily, even though Chicago is a city that’s full of buildings and people, it offers many large green spaces for recreation and dog walking in Chicago. Coliseum Park: The park is located near the El, giving Chicago residents easy access to the green space.  Towards the back, there is a specific dog park area for dogs to run around in and play.  While it’s not a gigantic space, there are many water fountains available for thirsty pups, along with waste bags for Chicago dogwalking; walkers who’ve forgotten their own.  There are even little paths and play equipment for young children on the premise, along with green foliage to spruce up the space. Grant Park: If you’re looking for a scenic place for dog walking in Chicago, this 300-acre green space in the heart of Chicago is perfect. The park is downtown and connects to the famous Millennium Park and Art Institute of Chicago. While this park hosts many events each year, on a normal day it’s full of people and their pets.  This is a great place to take your furry friend since city living for a dog can often be tough, especially when there are few places to get exercise. Grant Park is great for dog walking as it offers colorful gardens, a great view of the lake, and public art installations to view. Wicker Park: In Chicago’s famous Wicker Park / Buck Town neighborhood, the green space of Wicker Park offers 4 acres of greenery. Wicker Park is especially nice in the spring when it’s blooming with foliage and flowers.  It’s a great park that lets you feel like you’ve escaped from the big city into a small, dog-friendly town.   The park is near many dog-friendly boutiques and shops that are hip and diverse, of particular interest to trendsetters who want to walk their dogs in Wicker Park. Dog walker services in Chicago are available, too, so ask some of the local walkers where their favorite places to take their dogs are.  While there are several large parks in the city, Grant Park, Coliseum Park, and Wicker Park are three areas where in which dogs are welcome and love to be.

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background