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What To Look For In A Chicago Dog Walking Service

Have you ever felt uneasy trusting a stranger with the responsibility of caring for your dog? If so, don’t worry; it’s only natural to feel that way. If you’re leaving your dog in the hands of other people while you’re away from home, it’s important to know whether or not they are qualified to properly handle your pooch. At Cruisin’ Canines, we make sure that all our walkers are qualified to handle your dogs, whether it’s one of our Ukrainian Village dog walkers or one of our seasoned managers. To gain the trust of our customers, we make our qualifications and paperwork available to all. Below are some of our Chicago dog walking service’s qualifications:   Essential Dog Walking Qualifications   Fully insured & bonded Workers compensation insurance – protects you from anything that happens to the dog walkers while they tend to your dogs Certificate of Liability Insurance Properly trained dog walkers Registered with the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS) Vet recommended Personal Qualifications for Dog Walkers Although it’s important to have necessary, professional qualifications for staffers like our Ukrainian Village dog walkers, it’s also vital that they meet some personal qualifications as well. We don’t allow people to walk your dogs if we wouldn’t trust them with our own dogs. Therefore, we make sure our walkers are 100%, canine-enthused, puppy-loving, paw-pampering dog lovers! Our Chicago dog walking service is full of people who naturally want to go out of their way to take care of your pooch. These are the people you see playing with their own dogs in their front lawns every day, walking them on the sidewalk with a big smile on their faces and playing fetch with them whenever they get the chance. Trust Your Instincts If you do not use our Chicago dog walking service to help care for your dog while you’re away from home, we ask that you use your own good judgment. Find someone you know and truly trust to take good care of your canine. Also, check and see if the person you’re relying on has the proper qualifications; it will help you rest at night to know that your pup is in good hands. As always, Cruisin’ Canines is willing to help care for your animals, so feel free to contact us at any time. Our Ukrainian Village dog walkers and other walkers are constantly happy to meet new friends!

Chicago Dog Walkers Spice Up The Day

A Dog’s Point Of View Have you ever thought about what it must be like for your dog to have an East Village dog walker or any of our walkers stop by on a regular basis? Since you have daily obligations that potentially keep you from spending most of your days with your pooch, people like us have the privilege of playing with dogs like yours all the time. Therefore, we all know how lucky we are and how much we love our jobs here at Cruisin’ Canines. But, what about the other side of the story? What do the dogs think about us being their pals? To paint a better picture about how Chicago dog walkers like ourselves help your dogs, let’s talk about how dog’s must feel having daily visits from professional canine enthusiasts. We like to think that there are three different emotions a dog must feel when we come over to play and walk with them, such as: Anticipation Whether it’s our East Village dog walkers or our other walkers closest to your house, our canine clients typically look forward to our arrival. They know that their friends are coming over to play and take care of them, so they usually wait anxiously by the door. After several play dates, the dogs almost expect our arrival on cue. We like to think of this as mutual anticipation. We get just as excited to take our furry friends on walks. However, the thing that excites us the most is knowing that we are helping your dogs. They need that mid-day attention in order to be happy and healthy dogs, so why not let our Chicago dog walkers lend a helping hand? Relief Another positive feeling we like to give our doggie patrons is a sense of relief. We like to think your dogs are relieved, knowing that there are people like East Village dog walkers to help look after them while you’re away. They know that after you leave the house, they won’t be alone for too long. Before they know it, they’re relieved and excited to get out of the house and play for awhile. Entertainment Finally, the best emotional gift that we like to think we give to your canines is pure joy/entertainment. If the dogs are not having fun, we are not having fun. We take time throughout our walk to play with the dogs, keep them active and give them the attention that they need. Even though we like to assume that the dogs become sad once we leave for the day, we know that they’re looking forward to their owners coming back home. Our Chicago dog walkers ensure your pets are healthy, and happy.

Cruisin’ Canines February Dog of the Month is…

Jack and Sophie Breed:  Jack: fawn pug, Sophie: black pug Age:  Jack was 5 in November, Sophie 3 in November Where I live:  Best neighborhood in Chicago, Roscoe Village! Joys in Life:  Jack: a Kong filled with peanut butter, snoozing on John’s lap.  Sophie: Fetch! I’m really fast.  I also like to pull stuffing out of things, toy, cushions, etc. Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker:  Steve Chicago Dog Walking Buddies:  We enjoy our one on one time with Steve!

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background