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What to Know About Getting a Small Breed Dog

Small dogs are known for being cute, docile pets

If mastiffs, German shepherds and other big dogs aren’t your style, and you’re thinking about getting a small dog, there are some things to prepare yourself and your home for to make the transition a smooth one. Just Because They’re Small, Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have to Train Small dogs have a reputation for being […]

How to Retrain a Dog That Has Bad Habits

An old dog can indeed learn new tricks.

If your dog seems to be regressing with his or her learned tricks or behavior, or you’ve just gotten a new pet and their demeanor isn’t where you want it to be, you’re not alone—plenty of people find that over time, their dogs seem to “unlearn” things they’ve been taught, and getting a new pet […]

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean and Healthy

Canine dental problems can lead to disease

Like most everyone, you probably start and end your day by brushing your teeth. But you probably don’t do that for your dog—right? Thankfully, dog teeth aren’t as prone to cavities as human teeth are, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep them clean. Many dogs aren’t too keen on the idea of […]

Finding Durable Toys for Your Aggressive-Chewer Dog

For strong chewers, try long lasting chew treats like elk antler chews or bully sticks

If you’re one of the lucky ones out there, you can buy just about any dog toy and expect it to last around your house for more than a few hours. Some dog owners, however, know the all-too-real feeling of feeling like buying some dog toys is lighting money on fire—paying for it, bringing it […]

JUNE Dogs of the Month Are

Avril and Wally! Breeds: Avril is a Shitzu/Lhasa; Wally is a Shitzu Age: Avril ~ 9 years old, Wally ~ 3 years old Where we Live: Lincoln Park Joys in Life:  Avril loves hanging with her parents and getting treats, Wally loves running!    

Spring and Summer Grooming Tips for Dogs

The best grooming requires giving your dog a bath

As you start to consider dragging up your window unit and putting it back in place, you probably start noticing that your dog has been shedding more than usual, too. If the constant shedding is starting to drive you crazy, you’ll love these helpful tips for managing spring and summertime grooming. Keeping a dog comfortable […]

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background