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Chicago Dog Walkers Spice Up The Day

A Dog’s Point Of View Have you ever thought about what it must be like for your dog to have an East Village dog walker or any of our walkers stop by on a regular basis? Since you have daily obligations that potentially keep you from spending most of your days with your pooch, people like us have the privilege of playing with dogs like yours all the time. Therefore, we all know how lucky we are and how much we love our jobs here at Cruisin’ Canines. But, what about the other side of the story? What do the dogs think about us being their pals? To paint a better picture about how Chicago dog walkers like ourselves help your dogs, let’s talk about how dog’s must feel having daily visits from professional canine enthusiasts. We like to think that there are three different emotions a dog must feel when we come over to play and walk with them, such as: Anticipation Whether it’s our East Village dog walkers or our other walkers closest to your house, our canine clients typically look forward to our arrival. They know that their friends are coming over to play and take care of them, so they usually wait anxiously by the door. After several play dates, the dogs almost expect our arrival on cue. We like to think of this as mutual anticipation. We get just as excited to take our furry friends on walks. However, the thing that excites us the most is knowing that we are helping your dogs. They need that mid-day attention in order to be happy and healthy dogs, so why not let our Chicago dog walkers lend a helping hand? Relief Another positive feeling we like to give our doggie patrons is a sense of relief. We like to think your dogs are relieved, knowing that there are people like East Village dog walkers to help look after them while you’re away. They know that after you leave the house, they won’t be alone for too long. Before they know it, they’re relieved and excited to get out of the house and play for awhile. Entertainment Finally, the best emotional gift that we like to think we give to your canines is pure joy/entertainment. If the dogs are not having fun, we are not having fun. We take time throughout our walk to play with the dogs, keep them active and give them the attention that they need. Even though we like to assume that the dogs become sad once we leave for the day, we know that they’re looking forward to their owners coming back home. Our Chicago dog walkers ensure your pets are healthy, and happy.

Chicago Dog Walkers On-the-Go

Unexpected circumstances pop-up when we least expect them to, whether it’s because of our jobs or the random events that life solemnly sends our way. Sometimes we have to travel away from home in order deal with these circumstances and leaving behind our obligations can be a hassle. These times are never amusing, especially if you have a pet. That’s why there’s Cruisin Canines! Our dog walkers in Chicago help make your life is a little bit easier, knowing that you have someone to rely on for the care of your pet while you’re away. If your schedule is ever changing or has you traveling regularly, you should consider using our Chicago dog walking service, which can help you at the last second. It takes time calling friends and neighbors to see if they can take care of your pet during your absence, especially when it’s a late notice. Having a service that will be available at any moment will put your mind at ease during these hectic moments. Last Minute Help Our dog walking services in Chicago are ready whenever you need them. We offer the best treatment for your canine and make sure they’re safe while you’re gone. Here are some basic services we provide for you and your dog: Ready to go service Dog walking (15 & 30 minute sessions) Making sure your dog is properly fed Boarding Visits and house checks Our Dog walking service prices usually vary, depending on the amount of pets you have, how long you’d like your walks to be and the length of time you’re gone. Our services are also flexible, working with your specific requests to make sure that you and your pet are content. Regardless of your needs, every service is affordable and helpful. Let our Chicago dog walkers help you out. There’s no need to waste time worrying about who’s going to take care of your pet during your travels. Our professional pet sitters can assure that your animals will be taken care of and that by the time you get home, they’ll be as happy as a clam (or canine)!

Chicago Dog Walkers are Here For You!

While most of us love calling Chicago our home, those of us who have pets understand that there are some calamities to living in the Windy City. Random weather and a lack of backyards and open space can make routine walks and play more restricting and irritating than other places might be. Luckily there are many dog walking services in Chicago you can rely on to help care for your dogs and ensure that no matter what, your dog is getting routine exercise. No matter where you are in the city you can find a dog walking service in Chicago that will give your dog walks and attention even when you yourself can’t. Chicago’s local dog walkers will always care for your dogs as loving and enthusiastically as they would if the pets were their own. We’re proud of what we do Being a dog walker in Chicago can potentially attract impassionate, careless people to care for the pets. It can also be hard on pet lovers because moving around the city is challenging and local dog walkers are often subjected to hundred degree summers and below zero degree winters. Dog walking services in Chicago, however, pride themselvesin caring for their clients’ pets as if they were family, unlike many other city oriented companies. People in Chicago who make a living caring for pets are animal lovers themselves and while trained professionally, are also passionate about working with animals. We’re local Because Chicago is separated into neighborhoods, you’ll find dog walker services in Chicago are also separated in similar ways. Some dog walkers willbe located on the north side of the city, some on the south. It is even more common to be separated by specific blocks, i.e., Logan Square, Lincoln Park, Hyde Park, or Gold Coast. This makes dog walking services in Chicago much more local and private than dog walkers in other areas. Those who specialize in animal psychology feel strongly that your pets are happiest with consistency and familiarity. Having your pet stay with people that your pet already feels comfortable with will make you feel more comfortable leaving them alone. For local dog walkers in Chicago, having their clients feel comfortable and trust that their loved ones are looked after is their number one priority. For this reason, Chicagosets itself apart from so many other cities. Its simple! While it appears to be a competitive line of business, finding good dog walker services in Chicago is actually easy to come by and the choices are very simple. Chicago’s dog walking services provide their clients and their pets with loving and friendly care. As animal lovers themselves, pet care professionals understands how important it is to leave your “best friend” in the care of someone you can trust. This is why a dog walking service in Chicago is not only convenient, but also trustworthy. Once you began using dog walking services in Chicago you won’t want to stop, and most likely, your furry friends won’t let you. When you leave your pets in the hands of Chicago dog walkers, you’re leaving them in the hands of friends.

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background