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Chicago Halloween Dog Fun!

Are you looking for something fun for you a your pet to do this weekend in your costumes????  We have a few options for you! The Spooky Pooch Parade at Chicago Botanical Gardens on Sunday October 30 between 1-3pm – Top dog prizes are awarded!   $19 admission and $20 parking per car.  For more information visit Doggie PUPkin Party at Brands Park Saturday October 30th from 10am-12pm.  $5 admission. The dog parade begins at 10:30am, a dog/owner look alike contest, drawings and giveaways, art projects and dog/owner photographs can be purchased for an addition fee.  For additional information please visit North Halsted Street Halloween Parade at Belmont and Halsted on Sunday October 31st, registration for adults and groups start at 3pm, kids and pets starts at 4:30pm and the parade starts at 6pm.  Winners are announced after the parade starting at 7:30pm.  For more information visits Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Keep Your Dog Healthy During Chicago’s Brutal Winters

As we inch closer to the winter months in Chicago, it’s time to start breaking out the winter gear to help protect us from the elements. With freezing temperatures and ample snow expected, it’s essential to bundle up in a winter jacket and a pair of sturdy snow boots. Just like their human counterparts, our dogs can be vulnerable to the cruelties of a Chicago winter as well. Here are a few essential steps to take to ensure your pets stay happy and healthy during Chicago winters.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Planning ahead and being aware can help you keep your pets safe around Halloween. 1. Keep your pets indoors on Halloween. Give your pets a safe, quiet, stress-free place on Halloween away from the constant doorbell and too many strangers entering your home. Some pets might be frightened by strange costumes and may try to run from them so let your pets smell your costume and see you put it on and make sure your pets have on identification at all times. 2. Keep all candy and goodies out of their reach. Pets are just like us if they eat too much candy, they will get sick and chocolate can be toxic to animals. Keep a close eye on them while walking during or after Halloween to make sure they are not picking up any bits of candy and wrappers on sidewalks that they could choke on. 3. Make sure candles are out of reach. Even if you think they can’t harm the pumpkin with the candle inside, they may still be able to knock it over. Wagging tails that are just passing by can quickly catch on fire. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

September Dog of the Month

Meet Sammie! Breed: Fox Terrier Age: 81/2 yrs Where Sammie Lives: Roscoe Village Joys in Life: High energy Sammie loves her walks and sniffing, playing with her toys and sleeping in her many dog beds. She is a great dancer for a treat and loves to snuggle! Sammie is not a fan of fireworks, thunder or the vacuum. Walker: Sammie’s walker is Bob. Bob says, Sammie’s hobbies including yelling at the UPS man and performing rather impressive choreography in anticipation of snack time, The Tornado Dance. The Tornado Dance is a complex move involving rapid 360 degree spins on her hind legs! Friends: Sammie gets along great with all of the dogs on the route although she has a particular affinity for Cleo, her best girlfriend down the street!

Scampi Needs a New Home

Scampi is a very sweet, high energy 3yr old Jack Russell/Wire Haired Terrier. He gets along well with other dogs with the proper introduction and is great with children. And loves to cuddle! Scampi currently lives with a family with 2 small children. Scampi’s family doesn’t feel as though they can exercise him as much as he currently needs and would love to find a new loving home for him. Scampi loves daily walks, chasing squirels, and playing fetch with balls and toys. If you are interested in giving Scampi a new home full of walks and play or would like addititional information about him please contact us,

Al the Hero

This handsome guy is Al a tall, white Standard Poodle who was rescued by his owner, Ann-Marie.  Al and Elsa (black Standard Poodle) have been walking clients of Cruisin’ Canines for several years.  While Ann-Marie was enjoying a walk one evening in August with Al and Elsa someone came from behind her and stole her bag.  While Ann-Marie was trying to re-adjust the leashes in her hands, Al took off storming after the man who stole the bag.  Al raced down the down the street, jumped into the air, grabbed her bag from the man who stole it and while the man took off running, Al proudly stood with one foot on her bag.  Al didn’t pursue the man at all; looked back at Ann-Marie with his tail wagging, like “hey boss, got your bag back!” Thanks Ann-Marie for sharing your story with us, we are just as proud of Al as you are!

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background