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Planning ahead and being aware can help you keep your pets safe around Halloween.

1. Keep your pets indoors on Halloween. Give your pets a safe, quiet, stress-free place on Halloween away from the constant doorbell and too many strangers entering your home. Some pets might be frightened by strange costumes and may try to run from them so let your pets smell your costume and see you put it on and make sure your pets have on identification at all times.

2. Keep all candy and goodies out of their reach. Pets are just like us if they eat too much candy, they will get sick and chocolate can be toxic to animals. Keep a close eye on them while walking during or after Halloween to make sure they are not picking up any bits of candy and wrappers on sidewalks that they could choke on.

3. Make sure candles are out of reach. Even if you think they can’t harm the pumpkin with the candle inside, they may still be able to knock it over. Wagging tails that are just passing by can quickly catch on fire.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background