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Barbecues and Cookouts: Fun for Humans, Dangerous for Dogs

Safe cookout tips from dog related accidents

As we head into spring and summer—the period of time most of us spend as much time outdoors as possible—it’s impossible not to get excited about the prospect of barbecues and cookouts. While these are fun for those attending, they can often pose a significant danger to dogs in a variety of ways. Before you […]

Beach Safety for Dogs

Take a trip to the beach with your dog

Some dogs are terrified of water—be it baths, the beach, or pools, they want nothing to do with any of it. But others dogs love it, and when it gets warmer out, trips to the beach with your dog can be fun. If you’re planning on heading to the shores with your pup, it’s important […]

Five Great Movies About Dogs

A list of 5 great films about dogs

If you’re a dog lover, movies about dogs can be bittersweet—especially because so many of them end with the beloved pooch passing away. If you’re looking for a movie that you can really kick back and enjoy, though, there are plenty to choose from that aren’t Disney cartoons. We’ve compiled a list of five great […]

May Dog of the Month is

MINA! affectionately, also known as Wilhemina. Breed: Gorgeous Golden Retriever Age: 7 Where I Live: Ukrainian Village Joys in Life: Scrambled egg whites, string cheese, chasing a Frisbee, naps, salmon sashimi, belly rubs and ear scratches. She also loves leisure – leisurely strolls are her thing. Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Jesse -she loves walking with Cruisin’ […]

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background