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If you’re a dog lover, movies about dogs can be bittersweet—especially because so many of them end with the beloved pooch passing away. If you’re looking for a movie that you can really kick back and enjoy, though, there are plenty to choose from that aren’t Disney cartoons. We’ve compiled a list of five great movies that are about dogs that you can’t miss.

1) Best in Show

A satirical look at the world of dog shows, this mockumentary shows the good, the bad, and the ugly involved with competing for the most coveted award at the competition—Best in Show. You’ll love it, and your dog will probably bark at all of the dogs on screen—win-win!

2) The Adventures of Milo and Otis

This silly film follows a pug and his orange-cat friend as they traipse through life’s adventures. The pair start as friends growing up together on a farm, but find themselves accidentally separated. The movie follows their triumphs and tribulations of going across mountains, plains, snow, water, and more as they try to reconnect with one another. You’ll love Milo the cat and Otis the dog—and if you’ve got kids, they’ll love it too!

3) Beethoven and Beethoven’s Second

Though technically two movies, we didn’t want to have to leave one out here! This pair of films features a loveable yet rambunctious Saint Bernard whose family becomes unknowingly involved with an unethical veterinarian who is trying to take Beethoven from the family for scientific research. Through the plot, the family works against the hapless vet to bring home their family pet, and the sequel deals with Beethoven’s girlfriend’s kidnapping!

4) Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

This 2009 film is a drama based on the story of a college professor’s bond with Hachiko the dog. Hachiko is an abandoned dog that the professor takes in, with intentions on returning it to its owner. When no one goes on to claim the dog, he keeps Hachi. The film is based on at rue story, and its tagline is “A true story of faith, devotion, and undying love”—so basically, what it’s like to own a dog.

5) Air Bud

Perfect for the kids, Air Bud is about a young boy and a rather uniquely talented stray dog with an amazing ability to play basketball. Twelve-year-old Josh Framm moves to a small town in Washington after his father’s unexpected death, and with no friends and being too shy to try out for the basketball team, Josh prefers to play on his own, eventually befriending a runaway golden retriever, Buddy. He learns that Buddy not only loves playing basketball but is actually good at it too! Buddy’s former owner, however, intends on cashing in on Buddy’s celebrity—what will happen to the pair?

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background