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Whether you live in Chicago and are having a tough time trying to find a new apartment that’s dog friendly, or you’re thinking of moving here and want to find a place that’s near like-minded dog lovers, we’re here to help.

At Cruisin’ Canines, we help dog owners in Chicago with their dog walking needs, and because we provide services all over the city, we’ve got a good idea of where the best places to live are if you’ve got a pooch. Let’s check out the top 10 most dog-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago.


1. Montclare

This neighborhood borders Elmwood Park and is on the Northwest side of Chicago. It features plenty of dog-friendly housing, the most veterinarians per capita, and it has four parks, perfect for letting your pup run around.

2. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park ranks fifth highest per capita when it comes to pet stores in the area, and it’s also home to PAWS animal shelter. In Lincoln Park, you’ll also find one of the largest dog parks in Chicago, Wiggly Field.

3. West Town

West Town has an astonishing 27 parks, so it’s great for getting outdoors with man’s best friend. While pet stores are a bit more scarce in this part of the city, the area does have dozens of groomers, dog walkers, and other pet services.

4. The Loop/South Loop

The Loop has the highest concentration of apartments that allow pets, at 71 percent. South Loop is just behind it with 70 percent. If you’ve hard a tough go at finding dog-friendly housing, set your sights on these areas.

5. West Loop

The West Loop is perfect for the dog owner. It’s got plenty of trendy bars and restaurants with dog-friendly patios, and it also boasts a high concentration of pet-friendly housing, with 62% of the neighborhood’s apartments allowing animals.

6. Wicker Park

This neighborhood is popular because of its rich atmosphere filled with great nightlife, great food, and more. It’s also got Wicker Park Dog Park, where your dog can run around off-leash. Median rent is $2,050 a month in Wicker Park, and 48 percent of its apartments are dog- or pet-friendly.

7. Roscoe Village

Roscoe Village is filling up with many young families, making it a safe and quiet area for you to settle in. It’s got a fair amount of pet stores in the area, plus California Park, and about half of the apartments available are pet-friendly.

8. Humboldt Park

Adjacent to the expansive and gorgeous park, this neighborhood has grown over the past several years, gaining many new young residents who are looking to live in a hot part of Chicago at a reasonable price. Forty-five percent of Humboldt Park’s apartments are pet-friendly, and the low median rent draws a lot of renters in.

9. Logan Square

With a few veterinarians in Logan Square, plus the recently-renovated Logan Square Dog Park, this just-north-of-Humbolt-Park neighborhood is popular for a lot of the same reasons HP is.

10. Albany Park

Finally, Albany Park, located on Chicago’s far north side, has affordable rent (median prices are $1,280 per month) and many apartments (44 percent) are dog friendly. LaBagh Woods is on the north border of Albany Park, as well, so you’ll be able to take your pup for long walks outside.

Other Great Chicago Neighborhoods for Dog Owners

In addition to the above popular neighborhoods, here are some others in Chicago that are ideal for dog owners.

North Park

Although only 43% of this neighborhood’s apartments are dog-friendly, it’s also among the most affordable at around $1,100 a month and is located a little north of Albany Park.

Near West Side

This neighborhood contains the reputable Animal Care Center of Chicago, the Tucker Pup’s Dog Activity Center, the well-maintained Skinner Park, and natural pet food stores. It has the fourth highest number of pet services per capita in Chicago, making it ideal for you and your four-legged friend.


Edgewater features quiet residential streets and pet-friendly apartments that are great for dogs and cats. It’s located near the Andersonville area, where pets often accompany their owners on shopping excursions, and there are plenty of dog walkers and boutique pet shops nearby.

Where do you live? Tell us about why you love it (or not) as a dog owner!

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  1. As a Logan Square dog walker and dog owner, I’m a huge fan of the outdoor spaces. Some people say that parts of Logan Square aren’t safe but I haven’t had any problems yet in the two years I’ve lived there. There’s definitely a ton of dog parks, pet owners, and pet stores in the area and as a Greyhound dog owner, he loves the spaces to run around. The nearby park I go to is always clean and the dogs running around are usually well-behaved. Every time I do dog walking services in Chicago, mainly in Logan Square or Lincoln Park, the dogs are so sweet and their owners are very friendly. I’d say we’re all very happy!

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