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Dog walking is a difficult job that requires a lot of dedication and love. Every business where you work with people is challenging, but when their pets are involved, things can become even more complicated.

Dog walkers always need to multitask so that they can properly care for each dog and offer them plenty of love. All dogs have different personalities, and dog walkers must find the best approach to each one.

When you live in a big city like Chicago dog walking can be even more challenging, so let’s look at some of the secrets dog walkers wish everyone knew.

1. It’s all about balance and loving your job

This job can be stressful but relaxing at the same time, and that balance must be kept all the time. Since caring for dogs is challenging and can cause a lot of stress, dog walkers must be aware of all the problems that might pop up. Being accustomed to different dog breeds makes you ready for all unforeseen situations, and you’ll know precisely how to react to avoid major issues.

The unconditional love between dogs and dog walkers is a relief valve. Instead of being mad after a dog does something inappropriate, a dog walker is filled with love at the moment the dog looks at them or jumps to play. These caring people achieve that balance only because they love their jobs.

2. Walking a dog has more benefits than just burning energy

Dog walkers usually walk several dogs at the same time, and each dog has to receive enough attention. Besides the primary goal of getting some exercise, your dog will learn how to socialize with other dogs. The aspect of socialization is crucial for your dog’s behavior.

Even aggressive dogs can become socialized after a while. Dog walkers must be careful, but when they do a good job, they actually help improve your dog’s character and behavior. Socialized dogs are easier to train, and that socialization can ease both the owner’s and the dog walker’s job.

3. Dog walkers engage themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally

Work hours might be very long for dog walkers. Sometimes, they work more than 12 hours a day. That’s very hard mentally, physically, and emotionally. On top of that, some dogs have more energy than others, and you’ll have to run and exercise more with such dogs.

After a dog walker establishes that connection and understands how difficult their job might be, dog walkers must make a great effort to give equal attention to all dogs, at all times.

Like in any other business, dog walking is hard, and dog walkers must be dedicated continuously. Stressful and unpleasant situations are everyday issues, and dog walkers must work to adapt to it.

If you’re looking for a patient dog walker in the Chicago area, reach out to Cruisin’ Canines today!

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background