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If you’re a dog walker or a dog owner, you surely know how important treats are for your furry friend. To make your dog satisfied and happy, treats are a necessity. If you’re planning a long walk, or just want to make sure that you’ll be able to reward your dog for good behavior or for something new your dog learned, you have to keep some treats on hand.

We’ve found some tasty treats that are perfect for when you take your dog on a walk:


If your dog enjoys dry food, kibble is a perfect solution. You can pack kibble into a plastic container and give a few granules to your dog from time to time!

Dog food rolls

If your dog likes various types of raw or canned food, consider the idea of dog food rolls. Some of them can be an entire meal, so if you are planning a long walk, this is a great solution. You can slice off a piece of a dog food roll and place it in a plastic container. That way, the food will stay fresh, and your dog will be happy.

Training treats

Having some training treats on hand all the time isn’t a bad idea. You never know when your dog will surprise you with some new tricks! Besides, dog parks are an excellent place for training, so you can help your dog learn new tricks and have a bunch of fun!

Besides, training treats are rich with proteins. That way, your dog will stay energized and ready to learn new tricks.

Dog cookies

Dog biscuits are a favorite treat for many dogs. And the best thing about these treats? They’re rich in carbohydrates and proteins, with at least 50 % meat. They’re perfect for maintaining your dog’s levels of energy – sugars and proteins.

Dog bars

Dog bars are formulated to replace meals or as meal supplements. Dogs usually love the taste of these treats. Having a dog bar in your pocket is sure to extend your stay in the park and satisfy your dog’s needs.

Jerky treats

Dehydrated meat treats are a favorite of all dogs. You can choose various treats, including soft bone-shaped beef, chicken, or lamb jerky treats. These treats are high in protein and chewy, and your dog will surely enjoy them. Be sure to pack these treats in a plastic baggy so they stay fresh!

Treat Pouches

They’re high-value treats, easy to distribute small amounts as you walk for training and nice leash walking, all while keeping your hands clean. The pouches resemble the squeezy pack for toddlers. They are available online at Bark Pouch.

Long walks are always recommended! You’ll spend quality time with your dog, and you’ll both enjoy these activities. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and something for the dog to drink out of.

If you’re looking for a reliable dog walker in the Chicago area, be sure to reach out to Cruisin’ Canines!

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background