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If you’re interested in getting a pet for your family, but want to make sure your dog will be good with the kids, it’s important to do some research before adopting or getting a dog from a breeder. You’ve probably heard different stereotypes about different breeds—both good and bad—so it can be confusing trying to choose the best fit for your family. Thankfully, we’ve got a helpful list of some of the best breeds for families with kids.

Small Dogs

Some smaller dogs are better than others when it comes to kids. Some small dog breeds are prone to jealousy or aggression, both of which can be problematic if there are children around. Beagles, pugs and collies are both good small dog breeds for families, as they’re energetic enough to keep up with the kids, yet have a pleasant, calm demeanor that helps everyone get along. These dogs are friendly and have funny habits that kids will love—like howling; just be sure to train them only to do so at “appropriate” times.

Medium Dogs

There are a lot of medium-sized dogs that are great for families with children. Bulldogs are friendly and sturdy, but not very energetic, so they’re great for putting up with rowdy kids or smaller living spaces. Vizslas are also good family dogs, as are, of course, labs and retrievers. Labs and retrievers are some of the most popular breeds around, thanks to their overall good health, patience, high energy and friendliness. Poodles are also good, but only standard poodles—miniature poodles are much more high-strung and not good for homes with children. Mutts are great as well—they tend to possess many different traits from the breeds that make up their genetics and DNA, so these dogs can often be more well-rounded than a purebred pooch. Shelters often have a lot of mixed-breed dogs, so from there you’ll just have to meet different pups and see which one chooses you.

Big Dogs

If you’re set on getting a horse-sized dog, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. Of course, if you have very small children in the house, you need to be mindful of potential injuries that can occur with large animals due to their sheer size and always supervise your pet and child when they’re together. That said, Great Danes are good family dogs, because they love children and love being played with. Bernese Mountain Dogs are great as well, since they are laid back around families. Since poodles are good, as are labs, it stands to reason that labradoodles are great family dogs, too.

Of course, these are all just guidelines. Any pet you’re considering should meet your whole family before you decide to bring it into your home, just so you can be sure that everyone gets along with the animal.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background