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We’ve all taken a laser pointer and pointed it on the floor to play with cats. Playing with pets using little gadgets can make pet ownership a little more fun, but there are also products on the market designed to make your life easier, more organized or interesting that are pet-related—and we don’t just mean vacuums that are designed to tackle tumbleweeds of pet hair. If you’re looking for something unique to give as a gift to a pet lover you know or you just want to treat yourself, you’ll love this round-up of great gadgets.

Make your life easier and your dog’s life more fun with these great gadgets.

Watch Their Weight and Fitness

Fitness-minded folks have probably already heard of devices like FitBit that track every step you take and every minute you sleep, but you may not know about the FitBark. A similar concept, this device tracks the amount of activity your dog does and when he or she last ate, which helps ensure that your pooch is getting enough exercise or that Fido wasn’t accidentally fed the same meal twice—a common issue for owners who sometimes can’t remember if they fed the dog yet or don’t know if someone else already did. This will help you make sure your dog stays healthy, which can be beneficial to you as well—dog hasn’t walked enough today? Time for both of you to get some exercise!

Pet Chatz

Perfect for dogs with separation anxiety or owners who don’t get to see their pets as much as they might like, Pet Chatz lets you have a videoconference with your pooch. Check in on them during the day if you’re at work, or if you’re on vacation and someone else is watching them. This device also allows you to give your pet a treat remotely, so you can even do things like work on tricks with them while you’re away!

Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System

For dog owners who let their dogs roam off leash or in the backyard unsupervised, there’s always the very real fear that they’ll run off somewhere. Contrary to popular belief, the microchips used in dogs don’t actually track where the dog is—instead, they simply list information to contact the owner should the dog be found. This system, however, actually tracks where your dog is. Put the special collar on them, and follow their actions on the handheld unit!

Halo Mini Dog Collar

If you like going for late-night walks or going running with your dog, making sure they stay visible is important. This collar lights up so that cars and other people can see them easily. Perfect for camping or just keeping track of your pet in the dark.

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background