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These last eighteen years have been a BALL!

We’re so excited to be celebrating our Eighteenth Anniversary today! It wouldn’t have been possible without all of our awesome clients and their amazing, fun, adorable dogs! Thank you!!! We’re looking forward to many more years of working and walking with you.

Here’s an example of why we love our jobs so much, an email from a client this morning that’s moving away soon:

Dear all of our friends at Cruisin Canines,

We are sad to inform you that this Thursday, 9/26 will be Kermit’s last walk with your amazing company. Kermit was so lucky to be walked by such a cool guy like Adam. The notes he left each day were so friendly, and it was very evident that Adam cared about our dog and took fantastic care of him. We know that Kermit will miss being walked by Adam, and Lorie, Tricia, Paul, and all of his other friends, and we highly doubt we will find a dog walking company that is as diligent, communicative, and genuinely nice as we found with Pam and all of you. Initially we weren’t even sure if we could take care of a dog in the city when we both work full time, but having you take care of our dog each day made us feel less guilty about him being home. If you ever need a recommendation, please let us know! We greatly appreciate all you have done for us, and we wish you the best in all of your future walks!

Thank you for being absolutely awesome.


Kimberly and Aaron (and Kermit the dog, of course!)


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background