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Dear Rudi 

Transcribed by Kristin Ross (because she has thumbs)

Advice for our readers, from Cruisin’ veteran and sage chocolate lab, Rudi of Lakeview – If you or your dog have questions for Rudi, send them to us at! Rudi gives the best canine life advice in the Midwest, and she is waiting to hear from you.


Dear Rudi:

I was recently rescued, so having a walker is new to me! I just love when my Cruisin’ walker shows up to find me in a mess of annihilated toys. We have so much fun together. She picks all the stuffing up from the floor, and that makes me giggle. Then she gives me treats and scratches my ears and tells me how silly I am. I like that part, too. I do have a question about training her though. She has this behavioral problem,­­ she always asks me to stop wiggling while she’s putting on my harness. Is she for real?! Doesn’t she know I can’t stop wiggling? Any tips on training this girl to put the harness on while I continue to wiggle around like a maniac? She’s pretty bright, so I have nothing but hope for her improvement and our continued relationship. We just have to get through this ruff patch.

Johnny Utah

Hi JU!

Boy, do I understand the headache of training a new walker! Don’t worry,­ they have nothing but the best intentions, and they want to please you. With some patience and some practice, your walker will be putting that harness on like a pro in no time. Try this: when she picks you up next time, wiggle just as much as you always have, but do so while lying on your back. This way, your walker can properly align the harness on your chest. (Give her a second,­­ this will take her furrrever at first, but she’ll get faster). When you feel she has aligned that portion properly, jump up and show her your back. Continue wiggling like mad, but be careful not to shift the harness. Eventually, she should be able to buckle the clasp. As soon as you hear that thing click, wiggle like you have never wiggled before, and allow her to make sure the harness is securely around your legs/shoulders/whatever. Then get out there and enjoy that wiggly walk! And don’t lose faith! She will figure this out, I promise.`

Best of luck!

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background