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With the temperatures on the up and up in Chicago (finally!), it’s time to start thinking about how to cool down—surprising, isn’t it? With soon-to-be sweltering days on the horizon, it’s time to lock down your dog’s new favorite dog beach. If you’ve never taken your dog to a dog beach, it’s worth trying out. Not every dog will like it, but the ones that do absolutely love it.  Playing at the beach can be a special treat for your pet, or if you’re lucky enough to live close to a beach, a regular occurrence. Check out our handy guide for the three best dog beaches across Chicago – while there are other beaches you might be able to get away with bringing your dog to, these are the three that allow dogs. As with any public dog park, it’s important to make sure your dog interacts well with other dogs before bringing it to a public park. If anything happens at these or any other dog park in regards to your dog attacking or getting into a fight, you can be held responsible. If your dog does start acting aggressively while at a park, it’s best to bring the dog home and try another day—sometimes dogs can get over-stimulated and lash out while at dog parks.

Belmont Harbor

Belmont Harbor’s dog beach, in Lakeview, is popular among Chicago dog owners. Dogs are required to have dog friendly area (DFA) tags, which are $5 and require a current rabies vaccination. Visitors point out that this is a good dog beach for the “skittish” dogs in your life, though all dogs are welcome. Some visitors say that this beach might be best for smaller dogs, since it is smaller than some other dog-friendly beaches in the city.
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Montrose Dog Beach

Located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, this is perhaps the biggest and most popular dog beach in the city. It is an off-leash beach located on the corner of Montrose Beach. To get there, follow Wilson Avenue until it curves left at the lake. You’ll see steel walls from the old Boat Launch and you’ll know you’re there. It is open roughly from sun-up to 9 p.m., regular Chicago Park District hours. This dog beach is free, but dogs are required to have DFA tags.
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Foster Avenue Beach

Allowed in the designated dog area of the beach, Foster dog beach is located on Foster Ave and Lake Shore Drive in Edgewater/Uptown. This clean beach is a bit bigger than Belmont Harbor’s dog beach, and its regular visitors love it. The double-gated entrance helps with security, and while all dogs are welcome here, visitor reviews suggest it might be better for slightly larger dogs.

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background