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Dogs keep us active all the time, so winter isn’t an excuse to avoid walking or playing outside. It’s true that we often become lazy when winter comes, but we must satisfy all our dog’s needs, no matter how cold it is outside. No matter how much you enjoy winter and snow, your dog will love it more.

Instead of running home after each short walk, stay outside with your dog longer and enjoy the snow. We found some great tips and winter activities to make you and your dog happy even if it’s freezing outside.

Scavenger hunt and fetch

Dogs enjoy running and scavenger hunts all year round, but when winter comes, and the first snow covers the parks and backyards, dogs start enjoying these activities even more. Bring your dog’s favorite toy, treats, tennis ball or find a stick in the park.

Your dog will enjoy running and playing fetch. Besides, you can hide treats or toys around your backyard and motivate your dog to run and find all these hidden treasures. Winter is an excellent period for exercising. That way, you and your dog will stay fit and active.

Choose running instead of walking

It’s understandable that you can’t stay out for as long as you would in the summer when it’s cold, but your dog needs to burn all that surplus energy. Instead of returning home with an energized dog ready for more activities, you should run instead of walk.

Running through a park covered with snow will help you burn calories and stay fit during the winter, and your dog will be tired and quiet until the next walk. Dogs love running through high levels of snow and it’s easy on your joints as well. Instead of walking for an hour, you can run with your dog for 20 minutes – the result will be the same.


If you have young children, you know that sledding is their favorite winter activity. Instead of spending all day outside playing with your kids and THEN walking your dog, combine these activities. Like children, dogs also like pulling sleds and even participating in sledding.

Set up a short course and your child and dog will enjoy it together. This activity shouldn’t last exceptionally long, because you don’t want your dog to pull too much weight for too long.


All these activities must be supported by proper equipment. Get some cozy clothes for your fluffy friend and keep him dry and warm. You should buy a jacket or sweater, or even footwear for your dog. Stay outside until your dog gets tired, after that, hurry home and warm him up.

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background