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Henry is an old walking client of Cruisin’ Canines and will be celebrating his 15th birthday on January 23rd!  Henry’s owner shared a sweet dedication to him with us.  Happy Birthday Henry!


I wanted to share some of my favorite stories:

 1.  The time he stole a sausage off a platter from a family picnicking in the park, then after walking another mile or so, the second his leash was released, bolted right back and stole another

 2.  The time as a little puppy when he got into the garbage and ran down the street with a tampon string hanging out of his bum

3.       The time he dove into a fisherman’s box of Dunkin Donuts and had powdered sugar and jam all over his nose

 4.   The countless times he would let other dogs swim out and retrieve his sticks in the lake, when the dog swam back to shore the stick was immediately Henry’s again 

 5.       The times we would go to the beach in Evanston and stop at the snack bar for a picnic of hot dogs and chips afterwards

6.       The times we rented an RV and drove through:  Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  This launched a competition with my cousins age 8 and 5 as to number of states travelled to.

 7.       The time he jumped into the backseat of my neighbors car full of groceries, stole a loaf of bread, then jumped out the other side

 8.       The time he carried a 12 foot branch down the street as a little puppy, clanking it on all the metal fences down the block

 9.       The time he (we) got kicked out of puppy school and had to go back to graduate a month later, after much homework

 10.   The times he would wake me every morning at the side of my bed with a little cry and his head shimmying side to side as his whole body wiggled in excitement with the start of the new day

 11.   The times my neighbors would tell me about his “lunch bunch” jaunts with his fellow elders, Whiskey, Brick, Dane and Coleco

 12.   The time he popped a balloon at Jack Gordon’s 3rd birthday party and months later when you asked Jack who popped his balloon he would say “Henry!”

 13.   The times he would sit under Jack Gordon’s high chair and get Jack to give him his food; Jack’s dog Webbie was Henry’s best friend

 14.   The time he sat in the back of my Jeep Wrangler on a beautiful Chicago summer day and a police officer stopped to pet him

 15.   The time as a little puppy he jumped and popped two paws on both shoulders of a little girl at the beach, knocking her down flat out (she was OK)

 16.   The times he would be sound asleep and suddenly jump up and leave the room to avoid the smell of his farts

 17.   The times we spent the summer helping the neighborhood garden club and Henry would just lie down on the sidewalk and watch us all garden

 18.   The times he would try to climb into my lap in the car

 19.   The day he got out of his crate as a little puppy and completely went crazy playing unsupervised for 4 hours, destroying everything in my apartment

 20.  The time he stole a panini from 3 girls dressed to the 9’s picnicking in the park

 21.  The times we went to the McDonald’s drive thru; I would be covered in drool from the anticipation

 22.   The day I picked him up as an 8 week old puppy and he insisted on sitting on the center console of the car, he was so little he fit perfectly

 23.  The time he ate the heel off a brand new pair of shoes and a put a hole in my cowboy boots

 24.  The time it was medically proven by Dr. Dann that Henry is “the most handsome guy” of all his patients

 25.  Henry is in his sunset years now, in diapers with bouts of colitis, and I had no clue about the pure joy he would bring into my world.  Please say a little prayer and upcoming birthday wish for my beloved angel bear, Mr. Jones, Busa, monkey, the big handsome man, my beloved Henry.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background