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Chicago summers are filled with sunshine and warm weather, perfect for walking your dog and keeping him or her active.  But when winter rolls around, it’s hard to keep up the routine.  If it’s too cold outside or if there’s a lot of snow and slush on the sidewalks, most pups and their owners would rather stay inside.  So instead of the long run or walk that they are used to taking in the summer, dogs usually just get let out to relieve themselves. Dogs, however, need to exercise daily, especially if they’re cooped up in a city apartment during the day while their owners are working.

A great solution is to hire a dog walker in Chicago.  Dog walking in Chicago doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, if you’re proactive about making sure your dog stays healthy with exercise, you won’t have to spend money on future medical bills due to your dog’s deteriorating health.  During the winter months, and even during the summer, a Chicago dog walker can come to your house once or twice a day to either walk or let out your dog.  Chicago-based dog walking companies, like Cruisin’ Canines, oftentimes schedule visits for either 15 or 30 minutes so it all depends on your dog’s size and need for physical activity.

Maybe you’re home during the day and have time to walk your dog, but perhaps your pup dislikes the cold and snow. Try outfitting him or her in some winter doggy gear!   Since the winter months can be difficult and cold for dogs, purchase some sort of sweater or boots for them, especially if they’re shorthaired dogs.  While some dogs don’t like wearing doggie clothes, give it a try and see if your dog will wear them.  If you and your dog have cold weather gear on, your walk or run will be surprisingly enjoyable.  During the winter months you’ll notice the paths and streets are much less crowded than they are in the summer. During the summer, the paths are filled with exercisers and other dogs, but during the winter, you’ll find the paths serene, making your exercise time with your pup significantly more private and relaxing.

Additionally, if you get a puppy during winter, it’s crucial you get them into some sort of routine right off the bat.  Hiring a Chicago dog walker to come to your house during the day to feed and let out your puppy will help them establish some sort of routine so that, come summer, she or he is trained and ready for your summer schedule.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background