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We all know that yearly vaccinations for our pets are required by most cities and states, and that in order to keep your dog at their healthiest, it’s suggested and heavily encouraged to keep them current on other vaccines and tests, as well, such as heartworm. Unfortunately, we have all gone through times where money is tighter than we’d prefer, and during these tough times, it can seem easy to put your dog’s vaccinations on hold until things calm down a bit. However, it’s important to avoid doing that, and thankfully, low-cost vaccination clinics are popping up all over as a way to help strapped pet owners stay current with their vet records. Learn more about them today!

What Do They Cover?

Low-cost vaccine clinics have a few different levels of what is available, including puppy packs (for the first three rounds of immunizations) as well as dog packs. Along with other “must-haves” for your dog, these vaccinations are very important.

Puppy Packs usually include:

Dog packs include the 5-in- 1 vaccine, Bordetella, fecal tests, and optional K9 rabies vaccines.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

While the pricing will vary depending on where you go and what vaccination pack you need for your pet, the pricing is considerably less than what it would cost for a vet visit. Puppy Packs typically cost between $50 and $75, while Dog Packs usually run from $60-110. Compared to a vet visit, which can cost you as much as $250 per visit depending on what you need to get done for your dog, these clinics offer a steep discount, and they offer additional services like tapeworm deworming, diagnostic testing, other vaccines, and microchipping.

Microchipping is great to help ensure your dog’s safe return home if he or she breaks loose. A microchip is a tiny implant that can be scanned at any veterinarian’s office, and when scanned, the owner’s information, including phone number, name, and address, will come up, so that a lost dog’s owner can be notified. It’s a great way to have some peace of mind for if your dog is an escape artist, and it’s a low-cost option, as well!

What About the Cat?

If you’re not just a dog owner, but a multi-pet household, and you’re looking for a break on your cat’s vet services as well, you’re in luck. Low-cost vaccination clinics typically offer services for kittens and adult cats in addition to their puppy and dog vaccination options. To be sure, once you find a location, call ahead and ask to verify.

Where to Find a Low Cost Clinic

If a low-cost clinic sounds appealing to you (and your wallet!), a quick Google search can help you find where one near your home is. Try places like Pet Supplies Plus’ VIP Pet Care clinics to start!

Would you go to a low-cost vaccination clinic? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background