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Met our January Dog of the Month: Mur-man as his dog-walkers affectionately call him, is a rescue dog from Paws, the vet’s best guess on breed(s) is Golden for his color and Chow the curly tail. His family adopted him on June 29, 2008, and he was at least 2-3 years old then, so he’s now about 13 years old! His other nicknames include Mur, Murray MoMo, MoMo, Moe’s, and Mosley. He lives just a few blocks from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, so about as close to heaven as it gets.

Murr’s Greatest Joys in Life include guarding the front door, head rubs, body rubs, and going up to complete strangers to demand head or body rubs. His Favorite Treat is ice cubes, and he often gets one after his walkies, especially in the summer months.  His Favorite Activity? Sprawling across any threshold in the house, so you have to step over Murray to move from room to room.

Murray’s current dog-walker is Madeleine and they often take wonderful adventures together with good buddies Baxter, Albus, Koko, and many more. Murr is a very social pupper and loves his friends!


Murr also excels at finding the best grass to roll in…
and takes his family-dog duties very seriously. ❤

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background