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Sisters Sam + Sadie!

Breed(s): Golden Retrievers

Age/Birthday: Sam is 12 – 6/6/2006

Sadie is 3 – 5/2/2015

Where I Live: West Lincoln Park during the week and Lakeside, MI on the weekends

Joys in Life: Sam lives for treats, being pet and snuggling on the sofa. She also really loves stuffed animals and barking while holding her toys in her mouth.
Sadie is happiest in Michigan where she can sniff all the smells of nature. She also loves the round stuffed bird toys that Igor gets her for Christmas – they are her favorite – they are her “chicks”. She also loves to give kisses and snuggle on the sofa right next to her sister Sam.

Favorite Food/Treat: Both Sadie and Sam will do just about anything for peanut butter – but they are also pretty happy to get cut up beef hot dogs or string cheese as special treats too! My mom gave them a little bite of beef tenderloin at Christmas this year and I don’t think they stopped licking their lips for at least 15 minutes to make sure they didn’t miss a drop!

Favorite Toy/Activity: Any stuffed animal or Nylabone make both girls pretty happy, but their favorite activity in Chicago is to jump in the car early on a Sunday morning and drive up to the Lake County Forest Preserve dog park in Lake Forest. Somehow they know before we even get in the car that we are headed to Lake Forest. Sadie runs throughout the fields sniffing for field mice and Sam takes a leisurely stroll through the park followed by a long, well deserved nap at home.

Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Igor

Dog Walking Buddies: Murphy and in remembrance Molson

Baby Sam!
Baby Sadie!
Sister snuggles


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background