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Stella and Luna!

Hi all!

We’re so happy to have “the Girls” featured this month! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 8+ years that we’ve been with Cruisin, starting with Stella, adding Luna, and incorporating a handful of foster pups along the way! In fact, we are forever grateful for the great walkers at Cruisin who have always worked alongside of us whether it be helping during a move, watching them while we’ve been out of town, or welcoming a new pup or foster into the crew. In fact, we credit your team for helping us when we first adopted Luna as she adjusted to adopted life. When we first got her she was petrified of everyone and everything. Our walker at the time (who sadly is no longer with Cruisin), was so very patient and nurturing, and within just a few weeks Luna was learning to trust new people, learning the joys of a good walk, and learning that this new home life thing was going to be pretty great after all!

Stells and Lu are both perfectly mixed breeds (as we recently confirmed through a DNA testing kit!). Stella is primarily a beagle-spaniel mix. And Luna is a staffi-coonhound mix (with a little bit of bat thrown in!).

These two queens call Wicker Park their home turf, though they would also tell you they call Montrose Beach, the 606 trial and any number of dog parks their home turf, too. Despite their age differences, they really bring out the best and most playful, loving, silly sides of one another. Stella celebrated her 9th birthday in December, and Luna will be turning 5 in April.

When they’re not out cruisin with your team, their favorite hobbies include napping, hiking, going to the beach, barking at things (anything really), vising their grandpawrents (on both sides!), chasing squirrels (and bunnies, and birds, and…), snuggling with their humans and each other, and opening their home to doggie foster brothers and sisters to whom they teach all of their most favorite things!














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  1. Hi! I love your site, what a great experience to look through it. I have a Yorkie and live in Ukrainian village…do you know of any Yorkie meetup & dog- walking groups?

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background