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If you think that taking the dog out for a walk amounts to little more than a bathroom break, think again! Your dog relies on walks for plenty of reasons other than eliminating, so whether he’s a big dog and you think he can “hold it” or he’s a tiny one that needs frequent potty breaks, he has to go outside several times a day to stay physically and mentally fit.

Canine Social Networking

Every dog walker in Chicago knows the value of socializing a dog—and the inevitable trouble if you don’t. Dogs need to be socialized frequently from a young age, learning how to behave around people and other dogs. If they don’t start when they’re young, they may grow up to be fearful, aggressive or over-excited at the sight of other animals or strangers. If your dog doesn’t get out of the house frequently, you’re breeding trouble.

Dog Walking and Fitness

Whether your dog is big or small, he needs regular walks to stay in good shape. That doesn’t mean taking him out for one extra-long walk a day, either—imagine if you sat on the couch from morning to night, only getting up to take a jog right before bed. Your muscles wouldn’t take to it, and your body wouldn’t necessarily benefit much from the exercise. Just like you, your dog needs to be active throughout the day, stretching his legs, working his muscles and keeping his metabolism going. If you have to leave him at home alone throughout the day, a quick mid-day visit from you or a local dog walker can make a world of difference in his physical health.

Walking for Emotional Well-Being

Dogs can get bored and lonely when left alone for too long, which is why Chicago dog walking services are so popular—they make sure that your little buddy has the companionship he needs and the activity that keeps his mind sharp. If he doesn’t, he can become restless, even developing a sense of separation anxiety that kicks in whenever you leave for the day. If you can’t make it home during the day to give him some attention and a few minutes of exercise, consider contacting a local dog walker that can stop by to show him some love.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background