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Most dog owners and/or trainers may understand the importance of routine exercise for dogs, but simply put, routine mental and physical activity for a dog is just as important to the dog’s lifestyle as activity is for humans. Many dog owners who live in the city rely on dog walking services in Chicago because they understand their “best friend” needs routine exercise. Those who live in the city live very busy lives and it is impractical for them to find the time or even space to give the necessary routine needed for his or her dog(s) to be as healthy and happy as possible without some help. Cruisin Canines, like many other pet care professionals, is a dog walking service in Chicago that knows how important routine exercise is for a dog’s physical and mental health.

 Your dog is a part of the family

Those who have dogs, or have had dogs in the past consider their “best friend” to be an important member of the family. And like all of our loved ones, we want to do everything in our power to ensure our dogs have the best lives possible. Since many dog walker services in Chicagoare not always equipped to give your pet the type of exercise and routine he/she needs, your dog’s well being is still very much your responsibility. It is customarily true that dogs tend to imitate the personality of their human companions. It is also truethat some of these habits may not always be healthy. That being said, the best way to give your dog a lifestyle adjustment is to give yourself one as well. Border Colliesneed to run daily. Their stature and muscle mass means that they are prone to arthritis and hip problems when they age. The problems are often caused by a dog’s lack in physical activity. While aging is inevitable, you can prolong a Border Collie’s life by giving them extensive exercise on a routine basis. It is possible to find a dog walking service in Chicago that can provide your dog with physical activity on a regular basis, but it is important that you take the majority of the responsibility.

Let your “best friend” get the care they need

Residing in a place like Chicago is an indication that your lifestyle is fast-paced and  taking the time to ensure your dog is getting the exercise and attention it needs on a regular basis might be challenging. If you feel that you can devote enough time to your dog’s physical needs, you might still want to find local dog walkers for the occasions when emergencies come up so thatyour dog never loses out on his or her walk. It may be possible to find local dog walkers that are willing to take the time to give your dog a personalized exercise routine in Chicago. For current dog owners, it may be less plausible to find dog walking services in Chicago that will embark on a daily 3k run with your Border Collie. If you are restricted to Chicago but heart-set on a dog, don’t rely on a dog walker in Chicagofor your pet care. Instead, find a dog that you can take care of with minimal help and that will suite your lifestyle. Having a dog is a rewarding experience, however for those who find it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle and routine exercise for their dog then there aredog walking services in Chicagothat can help. This way, you ensure your dog lives the happiest and healthiest life possible.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background