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Dogs and their owners living in the city: be extra careful when it comes to certain outdoor safety hazards.


If you’re from the Midwest, you’re probably used to heavy snowfall and drifts.  Some large dogs have been bred to handle snow, but many small dogs are unable to take long walks in snow—they can get cold and their tender paws can get sore.  Plus, it’s not only cold weather that affects dogs. Very hot, sunny weather can be a cause of dogs’ dehydration if out too long.  Be sure that when you or your Chicago dog walkers are out with your dog, water fountains or water dishes are available to your dog on a hot day.  Be aware of the weather forecast, and don’t take your dog out for too long on warm days. Several types of dogs easily can get overheated.

Other dogs:

Your pet may play well with dogs, but there are instances when larger, or more aggressive dogs can be dangerous.  If you feel it may be a problem when you and your dog are taking a walk, keep him or her on a leash and be ready to snag them away from a situation if something transpires on your walk.  Not all dogs like to run around and play with other pups, so a dog walker in Chicago should be aware of neighborhood dogs.


When on the streets, always have your dog on a leash, and know the risk you’re taking when you let your pet run without a leash.  While this is a great way to give your dog more freedom to run and get much needed exercise, owners and local dog walkers should be aware of street traffic.  Dogs can easily run beyond park gates and wander into busy streets.  Anytime there is traffic, there is a chance your dog could be hurt.

Sharp objects:

Be sure you’re walking your dog on a sidewalk or in a park that is clean and free of trash.  City streets may contain glass, sharp objects and dangerous trash. If dogs step on something that gets into the pads of their paws, it could mean a trip to the veterinarian to remove the object and care for the wound.  Keep you and your dog safe by avoiding these types of areas and surfaces.

As a dog walker in Chicago, being aware of these hazards while taking your pup out for a stroll will help keep you and your dog safe and happy.


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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background