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As you now know just by taking a quick glance—or step—outside, winter is well underway in Chicago. While you’re trying to keep yourself warm as you face the elements, don’t forget about making sure your dog is just as protected, too. Here are some ways you can make sure your precious pooch stays as protected as possible during these frigid months:

1) Proper protection

Just like we bundle up when heading outside, dogs need extra protection, too. If your dog has short hair, it may need an extra-thick sweater to keep it warm as you walk it through Chicago—long-haired dogs could also use similar protection, too. Don’t forget about other parts of your dog either. Dog shoes are cute, but they can also protect your dog from the dangerous elements, as well as from damaging salt that may be put down on slippery sidewalks. If you aren’t sure, a Chicago dog walking company can help you make sure your dog is protected on its stroll.

2) Staying as warm as possible

Even though you’ll want to walk your dog as normal, in Chicago’s colder temperatures—and with its wind chill—you’ll want to make sure your dog can be indoors for as much as possible. Of course, your dog will still need to get adequate exercise, so you will have to take extra measures to ensure this happens.

In addition to adding layers to your dog before going outside, make sure you don’t stay out too long either. The cold can affect your pet more than it may affect you, and especially in Chicago’s chilly temperatures, your pet may not be able to handle it and could get frostbite. Be attentive and alert if your dog starts to show signs of hypothermia or frostbite, and then go indoors immediately.

Make sure your dog can stay warm indoors, too. If your home primarily has uncarpeted areas like tile, you can throw down extra blankets to make sure your dog is protected from these colder surfaces. If you’re at work all day and are worried your pooch may be getting too cold, some Chicago dog walking companies can check in on your pet throughout the day.

3) Clean up your pup

Once your dog has come back in from a walk, make sure it is clean and dry. Blow dry or towel dry your dog to make sure it is as dry as possible and prevent it from getting too cold. If you’ve been walking in areas with rock salt, clean off your dog’s paws and apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to prevent them from cracking.

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Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background