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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

chicago dog friendly restaurant

image source: We all know the feeling of never wanting to leave your dog’s side. If you have ever been out and about with your pooch and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, you know the dread of wondering if a place allows dogs. With so many dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago, though, […]

5 Dog-Friendly Summer Spots in Chicago

There are plenty of rules and regulations to abide by if you’re a dog owner in Chicagoland. But as long as you look out for the regulations that apply when you decide to take your dog for a walk, you’re sure not to run into any problems. If you live on a busy schedule and […]

4 Must-Visit Chicago Spring Dog Walking Spots

After a long and harsh winter, the weather is finally almost perfect for catching a few sunrays with your best friend. Dogs enjoy the endless splendor of springtime as much as humans do, but finding a nice place to kick back and relax in sun-kissed Chicago can be a problem. If you and your pooch […]

2017’s Top 10 Chicago Neighborhoods for Dog Owners

Cruisin' Canines - top 10 chicago neighborhoods for dogs

Whether you live in Chicago and are having a tough time trying to find a new apartment that’s dog friendly, or you’re thinking of moving here and want to find a place that’s near like-minded dog lovers, we’re here to help. At Cruisin’ Canines, we help dog owners in Chicago with their dog walking needs, […]

6 Best 2016 Dog-Friendly Festivals in Chicago

Copy of Cruisin' Canines - 6 best dog friendly festivals in chicago

One of the best parts about living in Chicago is that when the weather is warm, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Street festivals and neighborhood festivals happen nearly every weekend, and they cover all sorts of different ground—from festivals that celebrate a certain type of food to ones that showcase local music […]

Puppy Walking: Setting a Schedule

Puppy Walking Schedule

If you’ve recently brought home a new puppy, or you’re considering doing so, one of the most important things to know about your responsibilities is that puppies have to go outside a lot. We don’t mean three walks a day a lot, either—we mean roughly every hour and a half to two hours. The general […]

Best Trails for Dog Walking in Chicago

Best location for night time dog walks

Living in the city of Chicago, when it comes to dog walking, your usual routes are strolling around the blocks near your home or packing up and heading to the dog park. But for many dog owners, that’s not quite satisfying. Lots of dogs have a lot of pent up energy that needs to be […]

Need Dog Friends? Try a Chicago Dog Meet-up!

Chicago Dog Meetup Groups

Going to the dog park with your pooch can be a fun activity, but oftentimes, the pet owners at dog parks tend to mind their own business and keep to themselves, making the entire trip a social event only for your pet. That’s fine, but sometimes you want a little socializing yourself. For that reason, […]

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Chicago

Enjoy the day at the beach during the best weather with your dog

With the temperatures on the up and up in Chicago (finally!), it’s time to start thinking about how to cool down—surprising, isn’t it? With soon-to-be sweltering days on the horizon, it’s time to lock down your dog’s new favorite dog beach. If you’ve never taken your dog to a dog beach, it’s worth trying out. […]

Dog-Friendly Parks in Chicago

dog friendly parks in chicago

Source: No matter what time of year it is, you want to make sure your dog is getting adequate exercise, and a dog park can provide the space for just that. Here are some of the most dog-friendly parks in Chicago for walking, running or any exercise you could imagine: Arrigo Park Arrigo Park […]

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