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5 Dog-Friendly Summer Spots in Chicago

There are plenty of rules and regulations to abide by if you’re a dog owner in Chicagoland. But as long as you look out for the regulations that apply when you decide to take your dog for a walk, you’re sure not to run into any problems. If you live on a busy schedule and you want to walk your furry friend while having lunch or grabbing drinks with a friend at the same time, you might encounter some difficulties. Not all places in Chicago allow you to bring pets but don’t worry – there are plenty that do. Here are our favorite dog-friendly places in Chicago: Murphy’s Bleachers Murphy’s Bleachers is located in the heart of Wrigleyville. Generally speaking, this area is not overly pet-friendly, but there are quite a few bars that allow pets, and Murphy’s Bleachers is one of them. The bar has been around since 1891, and it’s located in a perfect spot to catch the game while also taking your dog for a walk. Whether you’re looking for a quick beer or Bingo Night, we’re sure that you will enjoy this place. Feel free to bring a few dog treats with you! DryHop Brewers There is nothing like quenching your thirst with a delicious and refreshing craft Chicago beer! And is there a better place to do it than surrounded by beer enthusiasts? On top of that, your pet is as welcome as you are. We’re talking about DryHop Brewers located in Lakeview East. Whether you want to enjoy a heavy IPA or an easy citrusy ale, DryHop Brewers is the place to add to your dog walking route. 1340 Beer Wine Spirits Formerly known as Madison Vine Wines, 1340 is also one of the friendliest places for dogs in Chicago. It is a great place for dog lovers craving a good wine selection. If you want to taste the wines from around the world or go out on a nice first date, there is no need to leave your pet behind. At 1340 Beer Wine Spirits, you can relax with your pet right beside you. Montrose Dog Beach Throughout spring and summer, Montrose Beach is one of the most crowded areas in Chicago. Wouldn’t a playdate in the sand with dozens of other dogs be an awesome experience for your furry pal? You could also meet other dog lovers and make lifelong friendships. Fortunately, there is a huge dog-friendly area of Montrose Beach where all dogs can take a swim or wrestle in the sand. Be ready to get wet, as your dog will certainly see to it! White Sox Games It would be nice to be able to take your dog to a baseball game, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, Chicago’s White Sox have included regular dog days into their schedule. Bear in mind that you have to get a special ticket if you want to watch a game with your pup. This year’s dog days are April 29 and September 10. People at White Sox have really gone out of their way to make the Dog Days comfortable for the pet visitors. Throughout the day, your pet will have access to comfort stations that are installed in the Outfield concourse. Chicago is truly one of the friendliest cities for dogs in the country. Since we know how busy your schedule can get, you should always have a backup in case you can’t take your dog for a walk. Chicago’s friendliest dog walkers will provide you with peace of mind when you need to leave your pet alone for a day, or an entire vacation for that matter. Find your ideal dog walker today with Cruisin’ Canines!

4 Must-Visit Chicago Spring Dog Walking Spots

After a long and harsh winter, the weather is finally almost perfect for catching a few sunrays with your best friend. Dogs enjoy the endless splendor of springtime as much as humans do, but finding a nice place to kick back and relax in sun-kissed Chicago can be a problem. If you and your pooch are both bored with the same old walking route, these amazing Chicago spots will help you keep it fresh and interesting. Here are our top 4 picks for the best spring dog walking spots: 1. Montrose Beach Montrose Beach is open to the public every day from sunrise to sunset, in accordance with Chicago’s own Park District nine-to-nine schedule. This makes it perfect for just about any kind of a whole-day outdoor adventure you’d want to share with your dog. And need we mention… Montrose Beach is the city’s first off-leash beach zone! This exciting news means that there’ll be plenty of friendly faces and wet snouts for both of you to spend your day with. Other dog owners will keep you company while your pooch is busy hanging out in the sand and splashing in the water. 2. Navy Pier An amazing place for humans and dogs alike, Chicago’s Navy Pier provides ample opportunities for a spring excursion down to the Lake Michigan. This is especially true for the south dock, which provides additional walking space and is always packed with canine lovers. The best thing about this beloved Chicago walking spot is that it boasts a myriad of dog-friendly restaurants and shops, in addition to the amazing view of the city skyline. You don’t even have to bring any snacks – there’s something for every dog’s taste. 3. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach Belmont Harbor Dog Beach is an off-leash walking zone as well, though it’s significantly smaller than Montrose Beach. But just like the smallest pups are traditionally the cutest, this beach is an adorable little playground for dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. If your pup likes to get silly with his friends, then this is the place. On a typical Saturday morning, you’ll find at least ten to fifteen dogs at Belmont Harbor Dog Beach, so make sure to pick your timing. Bring your dog’s towel and some spare clothes as well, as it is usually a splash fest. You won’t be needing any toys, that’s for sure. 4. Magnificent Mile On the other side of the spectrum is the Magnificent Mile, a posh promenade for well-behaved and fashion-forward dogs. Known for high-end window shopping, this luxury Chicago district is brimming with Miniature Bull Terriers, Italian Grayhounds, and frisky Maltipoos. You won’t be able to browse all the stores, though. The Magnificent Mile is still a picturesque walking spot for dog owners who want to spend an afternoon strutting down the city’s busiest street. If you don’t care for crowded places, we recommend taking your furry buddy someplace else, as the Magnificent Mile attracts locals and tourists alike. Have a nice walk and a frolicking afternoon! Find an adventurous spring dog walker with Cruisin’ Canines today!

2017’s Top 10 Chicago Neighborhoods for Dog Owners

Cruisin' Canines - top 10 chicago neighborhoods for dogs

Whether you live in Chicago and are having a tough time trying to find a new apartment that’s dog friendly, or you’re thinking of moving here and want to find a place that’s near like-minded dog lovers, we’re here to help. At Cruisin’ Canines, we help dog owners in Chicago with their dog walking needs, and because we provide services all over the city, we’ve got a good idea of where the best places to live are if you’ve got a pooch. Let’s check out the top 10 most dog-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago. 1. Montclare This neighborhood borders Elmwood Park and is on the Northwest side of Chicago. It features plenty of dog-friendly housing, the most veterinarians per capita, and it has four parks, perfect for letting your pup run around. 2. Lincoln Park Lincoln Park ranks fifth highest per capita when it comes to pet stores in the area, and it’s also home to PAWS animal shelter. In Lincoln Park, you’ll also find one of the largest dog parks in Chicago, Wiggly Field. 3. West Town West Town has an astonishing 27 parks, so it’s great for getting outdoors with man’s best friend. While pet stores are a bit more scarce in this part of the city, the area does have dozens of groomers, dog walkers, and other pet services. 4. The Loop/South Loop The Loop has the highest concentration of apartments that allow pets, at 71 percent. South Loop is just behind it with 70 percent. If you’ve hard a tough go at finding dog-friendly housing, set your sights on these areas. 5. West Loop The West Loop is perfect for the dog owner. It’s got plenty of trendy bars and restaurants with dog-friendly patios, and it also boasts a high concentration of pet-friendly housing, with 62% of the neighborhood’s apartments allowing animals. 6. Wicker Park This neighborhood is popular because of its rich atmosphere filled with great nightlife, great food, and more. It’s also got Wicker Park Dog Park, where your dog can run around off-leash. Median rent is $2,050 a month in Wicker Park, and 48 percent of its apartments are dog- or pet-friendly. 7. Roscoe Village Roscoe Village is filling up with many young families, making it a safe and quiet area for you to settle in. It’s got a fair amount of pet stores in the area, plus California Park, and about half of the apartments available are pet-friendly. 8. Humboldt Park Adjacent to the expansive and gorgeous park, this neighborhood has grown over the past several years, gaining many new young residents who are looking to live in a hot part of Chicago at a reasonable price. Forty-five percent of Humboldt Park’s apartments are pet-friendly, and the low median rent draws a lot of renters in. 9. Logan Square With a few veterinarians in Logan Square, plus the recently-renovated Logan Square Dog Park, this just-north-of-Humbolt-Park neighborhood is popular for a lot of the same reasons HP is. 10. Albany Park Finally, Albany Park, located on Chicago’s far north side, has affordable rent (median prices are $1,280 per month) and many apartments (44 percent) are dog friendly. LaBagh Woods is on the north border of Albany Park, as well, so you’ll be able to take your pup for long walks outside. Other Great Chicago Neighborhoods for Dog Owners In addition to the above popular neighborhoods, here are some others in Chicago that are ideal for dog owners. North Park Although only 43% of this neighborhood’s apartments are dog-friendly, it’s also among the most affordable at around $1,100 a month and is located a little north of Albany Park. Near West Side This neighborhood contains the reputable Animal Care Center of Chicago, the Tucker Pup’s Dog Activity Center, the well-maintained Skinner Park, and natural pet food stores. It has the fourth highest number of pet services per capita in Chicago, making it ideal for you and your four-legged friend. Edgewater Edgewater features quiet residential streets and pet-friendly apartments that are great for dogs and cats. It’s located near the Andersonville area, where pets often accompany their owners on shopping excursions, and there are plenty of dog walkers and boutique pet shops nearby. Where do you live? Tell us about why you love it (or not) as a dog owner!

6 Best 2016 Dog-Friendly Festivals in Chicago

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One of the best parts about living in Chicago is that when the weather is warm, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Street festivals and neighborhood festivals happen nearly every weekend, and they cover all sorts of different ground—from festivals that celebrate a certain type of food to ones that showcase local music or art, there’s something for everyone all over the city. And best of all, these festivals are dog-friendly, so you can bring man’s best friend along for the ride. Let’s check out some of the best dog-friendly festivals in Chicago for 2016. Windy City Ribfest – July 2 Head on down to Lawrence and Broadway for Chicago’s most meat-heavy event. This festival draws more than 40,000 people and features a rib competition, activities for the kids, live music, and local vendors. West Fest – July 8-10 Located in Ukrainian Village, this festival is the perfect mix of local bands and DJs, eclectic vendors and artisans, great food, art, children’s activities, and more. Entrance is a $5 suggested donation, and thanks to the fest’s central location for a lot of popular neighborhoods, it’s a great mix of people and their dogs. PAWS Chicago’s 14th Annual Beach Party – July 14 PAWS Chicago Annual Beach Party is in its 14th year and going strong. Hosted at Castaways North Avenue Beach Boathouse on Lake Shore Drive, this event takes place from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on July 11, with tickets sold at $150 per person and $50 per dog. Lounge by the beach and drink summer cocktails from the open bar, enjoy a dinner buffet, check out silent and live auctions, and treat your pup to the Dog Spa, which features dog massages and “paw-di-cures.” EdgeFest – August 6-7 Edgefest celebrates all things Edgewater and is located on Broadway and Thorndsale Avenue. It’s in its fifth year, and feature great food, awesome music, karaoke, art, and, of course, dogs. West Loop Art Fair – September 17-18 If you love art and finding great gifts, home goods, jewelry and more, West Loop Art Fair is right up your alley. See an amazing lineup of 167 artists showcasing their craft. This fest also features local food and craft vendors and live music, giving attendees a taste of what the West Loop is about. Oktoberfest Chicago – September 23-25 Finally, we have one of Chicago’s oldest churches celebrating its German roots. Oktoberfest is hosted at St. Alphonsus Church in Lakeview, and is an outdoor fest that features things like brats, beers, and live music. Bring the pooch and spend the day hanging out with friends. What to Know About Bringing Your Dog to Festivals Making sure t hat you and your dog have a great time at street festivals in Chicago this year is easy. You will want to make sure that you have the essentials on you, like pick-up bags, a bottle of water and a bowl, dog treats, and dog booties/shoes (if the concrete or asphalt is hot). Expect that the festivals you bring your dog to will be very crowded, and plan accordingly—your dog may not react well to the loud music or bustling crowds, and you’ll want to watch out for kids who rush up to pet your dog. If you’re concerned about potential issues, it might be best to visit the festival during its slower hours. Keep in mind that they can get overheated very quickly, too, so have a reliable way to find your way home in case they start to act tired or overly thirsty. Chicago is great for dog-friendly events, and with a little bit of planning, you and your pooch can have a fun time outdoors! If you’d rather leave your pup at home, though, make sure you have a plan set up to ensure they get a chance to go outside for a walk while you’re out having fun! What’s your favorite fest to bring your dog to?

Puppy Walking: Setting a Schedule

Puppy Walking Schedule

If you’ve recently brought home a new puppy, or you’re considering doing so, one of the most important things to know about your responsibilities is that puppies have to go outside a lot. We don’t mean three walks a day a lot, either—we mean roughly every hour and a half to two hours. The general rule of thumb when housebreaking a puppy is that for every month of age, that’s how many hours the dog can go without a potty break. So, for example, if your pooch is four months old, the absolute maximum amount of hours he can be left alone inside is four hours. Of course, that’s meant to be a guideline, and you should really only leave your dog for long periods of time without walks if you have to. If you’re worried about leaving your pet home while you’re at work, you can hire a puppy walker in Chicago to help out—while most dog walkers only come once a day, many puppy walkers will come twice for shorter walks to help your pup learn how to do their business outside. Scheduling Walks At Good Intervals In general, you should try and walk your dog first thing when you wake up, then again after the puppy eats breakfast. Since puppies have tiny bodies, they digest a lot faster than bigger dogs and will need to go to the bathroom sooner. Going outside a couple of times in the morning will help them get used to going to the bathroom outside, not in the house. Assuming you work a standard 9-5 schedule, after you leave for work, the dog can benefit from being taken out during the late morning and once again in the mid afternoon. This way, the dog doesn’t go more than three or so hours without a break to go outside. This can help the dog become acclimated to a potty schedule, so that you spend less time cleaning up messes. After you get home from work, the dog should go out once when you first arrive at home, then again shortly after you feed the pup dinner (for the same reasons as the before and after breakfast walks). Managing Your Busy Schedule With Your Dog’s Rigorous Training Plan One easy way to manage the highly demanding routine of housebreaking a puppy is to bring on a puppy walker until your dog gets used to going to the bathroom outside. Puppy walkers help the transition along, and help prevent accidents in your home. Additionally, they’ll help let your dog run off some excess energy—it’s a win-win situation! Puppy walkers typically stop by your home twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time—just enough time to get your pooch ready for a walk, take him or her on a quick jaunt around the block, then settle back in. Keep in mind when your puppy is small that the hard times don’t last forever—after a few months of consistent training, they should be able to hold it long enough to stay at home for a while on their own. Of course, dog walking still helps them stay entertained and well-exercised, but with any luck, you won’t need to clean up any accidents they have!

Best Trails for Dog Walking in Chicago

Best location for night time dog walks

Living in the city of Chicago, when it comes to dog walking, your usual routes are strolling around the blocks near your home or packing up and heading to the dog park. But for many dog owners, that’s not quite satisfying. Lots of dogs have a lot of pent up energy that needs to be burned off, and many of those dogs’ owners love hitting the trails for a longer hike or walk. If that sounds like you, you might already know about some of these trails that are great for longer walks, but chances are you haven’t yet visited all of them. Here are our favorite trails in Chicago for dog walking. Caldwell Woods The Caldwell Woods branch of the Cook County Forest Preserves is located to the northwest of Albany Park, and offers both paved and unpaved trails that connect to the North Branch Trail System, and are easily accessible by car. Enter on Milwaukee and Devon Avenues, then follow the trails through wooded areas and along the Chicago River. Dogs must remain leashed on this trail, but it’s a popular destination for dog lovers who want to leave the city behind. North Branch Trail This trail is an 18-mile length that runs along the North Branch of the Chicago River and the Skokie Lagoons, with access to a variety of picnic groves and other parks along the way. Take this trail far enough north and you’ll wind up at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. It’s a perfect trip for you and your dog, and is accessible via the Caldwell Woods, Linne Woods, Harms Woods, and other spots—check out the map of this trail here. The 606 An elevated trail that spans from Ridgeway to Ashland and the Kennedy Expressway along Bloomingdale Ave., The 606—formerly known as the Bloomingdale Trail—is a paved, well-lit trail. Its 2.7-mile length makes it one of the shorter options, but at Cruisin’ Canines, we love it because it’s in the heart of our service area, so we’re very familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods, including Logan Square,Wicker Park, and Bucktown. Palos Trail System The Palos Preserves are located in southwest Cook County, and are easily accessible via the Maple Lake East Mountain Bike Staging Area, Buffalo Woods, and the Red Gate Woods.  Some of the area’s best quality natural areas are located in the Palos Trail System, which spans 38.9 miles of unpaved trail. Because cyclists, mountain bikers, and horseback riders often share these trails, you’ll want to keep your dog leashed for everyone’s safety. LaBagh Woods Finally, LaBagh Woods makes our list due to its natural beauty. Patrons include dog-walkers like you, as well as bikers, runners, picnic groups and families. Wooded riverbanks and hills along the river keep things interesting, and Cooper’s hawks are known to swoop over the area’s treetops. Trails here are unpaved, and you’ll want to keep your dog leashed as the area is not fenced in, but if you’re looking for a trail that’s close to home but feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is it. What are your favorite city getaways for hiking or dog walking?

Need Dog Friends? Try a Chicago Dog Meet-up!

Chicago Dog Meetup Groups

Going to the dog park with your pooch can be a fun activity, but oftentimes, the pet owners at dog parks tend to mind their own business and keep to themselves, making the entire trip a social event only for your pet. That’s fine, but sometimes you want a little socializing yourself. For that reason, meet-up groups for dog owners are common and well-populated across Chicago. Breed-Specific Events Breed-specific meet-ups are common—whether you’ve got a pit bull, boxer, Chihuahua, pug, or any other breed, you’ll likely be able to find an exclusive group of owners who love the breed as much as you do. For instance, Chihuahuas can have a difficult time at most dog parks because a lot of the dogs at parks are much, much bigger and stronger than they are, which can pose a danger to such small pups. At a breed-specific meet-up, your dog can get the socialization it loves without being in danger of getting hurt. With other breeds like pugs, it can be fun to get that many funny faces in the same room! No matter what breed you have, chances are there’s a specialized group just for you. Off-Leash Meet-ups Another benefit of meet-up groups is that it gives you a chance t o let your pet play off leash without having to go to a park—some meet-ups are held indoors, while others may be closer to your home than the nearest park. They’re also a great place to meet like-minded dog owners—ones who agree that their dogs deserve the type of care and attention that is required to want to take them to a meet-up. Socialization in a Controlled Environment Whether you want your dog to have more social time with other dogs, or it needs to learn better manners, meet-ups might be a good option to explore. You can usually find out prior to going how many dogs will be around, so if your dog is the type to get overwhelmed by the dozens-of-dogs atmosphere at a dog park, a small group of five or six dogs may be just what they need. Look into websites like to find the type of club or group you’re interested in, then enjoy watching your dog play with pups suited to its demeanor and size.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Chicago

Enjoy the day at the beach during the best weather with your dog

With the temperatures on the up and up in Chicago (finally!), it’s time to start thinking about how to cool down—surprising, isn’t it? With soon-to-be sweltering days on the horizon, it’s time to lock down your dog’s new favorite dog beach. If you’ve never taken your dog to a dog beach, it’s worth trying out. Not every dog will like it, but the ones that do absolutely love it.  Playing at the beach can be a special treat for your pet, or if you’re lucky enough to live close to a beach, a regular occurrence. Check out our handy guide for the three best dog beaches across Chicago – while there are other beaches you might be able to get away with bringing your dog to, these are the three that allow dogs. As with any public dog park, it’s important to make sure your dog interacts well with other dogs before bringing it to a public park. If anything happens at these or any other dog park in regards to your dog attacking or getting into a fight, you can be held responsible. If your dog does start acting aggressively while at a park, it’s best to bring the dog home and try another day—sometimes dogs can get over-stimulated and lash out while at dog parks. Belmont Harbor Belmont Harbor’s dog beach, in Lakeview, is popular among Chicago dog owners. Dogs are required to have dog friendly area (DFA) tags, which are $5 and require a current rabies vaccination. Visitors point out that this is a good dog beach for the “skittish” dogs in your life, though all dogs are welcome. Some visitors say that this beach might be best for smaller dogs, since it is smaller than some other dog-friendly beaches in the city. Learn more about Belmont Harbor. Montrose Dog Beach Located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, this is perhaps the biggest and most popular dog beach in the city. It is an off-leash beach located on the corner of Montrose Beach. To get there, follow Wilson Avenue until it curves left at the lake. You’ll see steel walls from the old Boat Launch and you’ll know you’re there. It is open roughly from sun-up to 9 p.m., regular Chicago Park District hours. This dog beach is free, but dogs are required to have DFA tags. Learn more about Montrose Dog Beach. Foster Avenue Beach Allowed in the designated dog area of the beach, Foster dog beach is located on Foster Ave and Lake Shore Drive in Edgewater/Uptown. This clean beach is a bit bigger than Belmont Harbor’s dog beach, and its regular visitors love it. The double-gated entrance helps with security, and while all dogs are welcome here, visitor reviews suggest it might be better for slightly larger dogs. Learn more about Foster Avenue Beach.

Dog-Friendly Parks in Chicago

dog friendly parks in chicago

Source: No matter what time of year it is, you want to make sure your dog is getting adequate exercise, and a dog park can provide the space for just that. Here are some of the most dog-friendly parks in Chicago for walking, running or any exercise you could imagine: Arrigo Park Arrigo Park Neighborhood: Little Italy Address: 801 S. Loomis St. Chicago, IL 60607 When you want to take your dog on a peaceful stroll, Arrigo Park is the place for you. Located near the University of Illinois – Chicago campus, this quaint area is ideal for students and faculty who can take their pooches out for a stroll before, in between or after classes for the day. While this park isn’t the biggest, it gets the job done when your dog needs to take a quick walk. Challenger Playlot Park Challenger Playlot Park Neighborhood: Buena Park Address: 1100 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60613 If your dog loves to be leash-free, Challenger Playlot Dog Park will be a great fit for it. This 4.66-acre park is big enough to roam about, but it also contains a .08-acre dog-friendly area where your dog can socialize and play with other pups. Just remember, though: If your dog is off its leash, you may need to prove you’ve obtained a permit from the city and that your dog is up-to-date on all its vaccinations. Challenger Park also has a doggy water fountain in case your dog ever needs to grab a quick drink. Chase Park Chase Park Neighborhood: Ravenswood Address: 4701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 This smaller park is a popular summer location because of its community pools, but that doesn’t mean you and your dog can’t make a stop here when you’re in the Ravenswood area! Chicago dog walkers will love the rubberized track. Chase Park also has community gardens that make for great scenery as you stroll around the trails. Churchill Field Dog Park Churchill Field Dog Park Neighborhood: Bucktown Address: 1825 N Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 This park is also a great place for your pup to make some new doggy friends! With dogs of all breeds congregating around Churchill Field Dog Park, your dog will definitely be able to interact with other animals. The park itself is half gravel and half asphalt, and it has dog bag areas for your convenience, too. This park also features a gated section where owners can take their dogs off their leashes for maximum roamability and mingling. Clandestine Dog Park Clandestine Dog Park Neighborhood: Lincoln Square Address: North Kedzie Avenue & Ainslie St. Chicago, IL 60625 Here’s another off-leash oasis for your dog to enjoy. Clandestine Dog Park is another mellow park where your dog can meet new friends—and you may, too. The park has grown in popularity, so you may be surprised who could become a new puppy playmate. Clarendon Park Community Center Clarendon Park Community Center Neighborhood: Uptown Address: 4501 N. Clarendon Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 Clarendon Park Community Center is an all-inclusive park for both dogs and people. Within this 8-acre park lies a .13 acre stretch of land designated specifically for dogs. Clarendon Park isn’t just a park, though; it’s a gathering spot for the whole community to play sports, attend meetings and more. Once you’ve taken your dog for a walk, you can come back alone to take advantage of the fitness center or any of the many other amenities. Coliseum Park Coliseum Park Neighborhood: Near Southside Address: 1466 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60605 While Coliseum Park may not be the biggest area in the city, this little area can easily suffice for a space to walk around when necessary. The park has a dog run area, which is ideal for a quick stroll or jog. Unfortunately, this run area is also located almost directly underneath the El tracks, so if your dog startles easily, you may want to avoid this area. Overall, though, this off-the-beaten-track park is a great stop if you’re near the Southside and need to get your dog outside for a bit. D’Angelo Dog Park D’Angelo Dog Park Neighborhood: The Loop Address: 438 S. Franklin St. Chicago, IL 60607 D’Angelo Dog Park just opened in 2012, so it’s a little new to the area. Just because it’s new, though, doesn’t make it any less of a great area to hang out with your pup. When you’re in the South Loop and want to give your dog a little room to run about, D’Angelo Dog Park fits the bill. The park also comes with a drinking fountain just in case your dog needs a little refreshment. Douglas Park Douglas Park Neighborhood: Lawndale Address: 1401 S. Sacramento Dr. Chicago, IL 60623 For those living in the Lawndale and Pilsen area, Douglas Park makes for a gorgeous getaway. This park may be spacious (at 218 acres), but it still maintains a sense of serenity with its ponds, running trails and beautiful flowers. When you bring your dog to Douglas Park, you’ll be able to get in a great walking workout, all while enjoying the dazzling view. Eckhart Park Eckhart Park Neighborhood: Noble Square Address: 1330 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 When you want to take your pup to a smaller park, Eckhart Park could be a great stop for you two. At 8-acres, this Chicago park has the space dog walkers need for a quick stroll or a longer walk. While the park does not have a designated dog-friendly section, you’ll find that your pooch will thrive in this park. If you have a family, Eckhart Park makes for a great stop, too. You can relax with your dog while they play on the baseball field or the playground. Grant Bark Park Grant Bark Park Neighborhood: South Loop Address: 11th & Columbus St. Chicago, IL 60605 When you’re downtown with your dog and looking for a place to take your dog on a stroll, Grant Bark Park

Best Neighborhood Spots for Dogs in Chicago

Searching for new places for your pets, go to Wiggly Field, Montrose Dog Beach or Chicago Party Animals in West Loop

Photo Credit: Living in Chicago, dog owners have the world at their fingertips as far as places to bring their dogs.  From public parks to off-leash dog parks, beaches and dog-friendly establishments, there’s no shortage of pooch party potential. Some neighborhoods have notable not-to-miss landmarks, however, so if you’re new to Chicago and are looking for the perfect neighborhood, or you’ve lived here a while and just want to check out some new places for your dog, be sure to check out these hotspots. Wiggly Field Chicagoans all know about Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play. But down the ways a bit in Lakeview is Wiggly Field, a large, open-air dog park that attracts all types. From shelter mutts to purebreds, all kinds of dogs and their owners flock to this paved paradise. It features doggie water fountains, pools in the summertime, waste bags, and is generally well-populated—no more going to the dog park and seeing no one for your pooch to play with. Montrose Dog Beach Located on Montrose and Lake Shore Drive in Uptown, this dog beach is a haven for pets that love the water. Owners are mostly clean and respectful, picking up after their dogs, and the dogs are mostly friendly, with the occasional toy-aggressive pooch you’ll find at any park. Montrose Dog Beach is a perfect spot to hang out with your pup when the temperatures soar, since the lake will cool them off. Chicago Party Animals Chicago Party Animals is a unique venue for pet lovers. Located in the West Loop, it’s perfect for residents in Noble Square, Ukrainian Village, or really any other Chicago neighborhood. CPA hosts off-leash dog meet-ups in their facility, a two-story warehouse-type building that is perfect for socialized dogs. These are great outlets for dogs during the colder months, as they can have a chance to play with other dogs without the confines of cold weather. Breed-specific meet-ups as well as open play are available, so you’ll be sure to find something agreeable for you and your pets. If you’re bringing your dog into contact with other dogs, it’s important to be a responsible dog owner. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on his or her shots, and make sure your dog plays nicely with other dogs—aggressive behavior can be fixed with training, but some pets aren’t keen on playing with other dogs much, and those dogs who tend to snap at other dogs should be kept on their leashes when at a dog park to ensure the safety of others.

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