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Keeping Your Dog Safe From Coronavirus

Coronavirus, more specifically COVID-19, took just over a month to spread all over the world. The World Health Organization declared that it is now a global pandemic. While there are all sorts of guides out there that can help you protect yourself and minimize the risk of getting infected, there is very little known information […]

6 Upcoming Dog Events in Chicago You Won’t Want to Miss

Dog Friendly Events in Chicago

Chicago pet adoption events are a great way to find the pet you’ve been dreaming of. At events like this, you can meet plenty of furry friends, helping you find the perfect partner in crime. Adopting is always a better option than buying since you’re opening your home to a pet in need. By merely […]

Doggy on Duty: Do’s and Don’ts When You Come Across a Service Dog

Service Dog Training Chicago

If you’re an animal lover, you probably get excited when you see a service dog. They’re adorable, smart, obedient, and the urge to pet them and play with them is almost irresistible. But it’s of the utmost importance to control your behavior around a service dog!  We’ve seen far too many examples of people being […]

Things to Know About Rescuing Dogs and Dog Adoption

There are plenty of dogs in shelters awaiting a new owner. And if you’re planning to adopt a shelter dog, we’re happy for you! But a dog, just like any other animal, requires a special kind of treatment, accessories, and food.  If you haven’t owned a dog before, you may lack the introductory knowledge that […]

Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Dog Friendly Restaurants Chicago

Taking your pooch out and about for the day can seem like a fun adventure until it comes to taking a break.  Unfortunately, not all restaurants are dog-friendly which can leave you disappointed when looking for a spot where both you and your canine can enjoy a meal in a relaxing atmosphere.  More and more […]

How to Train Your Dog to Walk Next to You

Try putting yourself in your dog’s shoes – with all the intriguing distractions left and right, who could resist the temptation of stopping to sniff or tugging a leash to get there fast? The absence of basic leash manners can be prescribed to curiosity as a natural behavior in dogs. The problem is, this kind […]

What Does It Mean If My Dog Sheds Excessively?

Unless your faithful sidekick is an American Hairless Terrier, then you’re very familiar with a little side effect of owning a dog known as “Pet Hair Everywhere”. Vets call this normal phenomenon shedding and warn that it is not to be confused with abnormal fur loss caused by an underlying issue. So, how can you […]

The 2018 Guide to Dog Walking in the Winter

The winter months will be here before you know it. And that means that dog walks are going to get a bit more challenging for both you and your dog but that doesn’t mean they need to be less fun! We love our dogs, but let’s face it, sometimes we get lazy, and taking our […]

How to Deal with a Shy Dog

A lot of dogs are friendly, and they love to be close to people. Some dogs just aren’t as open to meeting new people. Every dog is different. Some dogs are full of excitement and always want to cuddle up. Others tend to be more on the introverted and shy side. A reason for a […]

Fun Winter Activities You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

Dogs keep us active all the time, so winter isn’t an excuse to avoid walking or playing outside. It’s true that we often become lazy when winter comes, but we must satisfy all our dog’s needs, no matter how cold it is outside. No matter how much you enjoy winter and snow, your dog will […]

Cruisin' Canines logo of a white dog with an orange background